Spiritual Milestones

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I love celebrating moments in our family’s life. Whether it’s one of my kid’s birthday, or their graduation, a holiday or the addition of another grandchild; I love to celebrate.  As Christ-followers, we can also celebrate the progress of our child’s spiritual journey with the understanding that these celebrations will affirm their steps towards becoming more of the person God created them to be.

I believe that the family and the church should partner together to raise the next generation of Christ-followers.  In order for this teamwork to take place, we need a common path for our families and church to walk: a spiritual path with spiritual milestones along the way to celebrate together. We recognize seven such spiritual milestones that we believe will help build a legacy of faith into the next generation.


Seven Spiritual Milestones:

Child Dedication – mom and dad not only dedicate their infant/child to God but themselves to be the primary spiritual leader in their child’s life.

First Bible – an important milestone in the life of a child is when they can pick up God’s Word and read for themselves how God longs to be in relationship with them. Upon graduating the first grade each child will be given a Bible and blessing as they begin to read the story of God's love for themselves.

Faith 101 /Christianity 101– It’s important for your child to have an understanding of the basic truths of their Christian faith. Our 5th & 5th grade students are encouraged to attend a four week class where they will learn the basics of their faith.

Baptism – This is an important milestone in every Christian’s spiritual journey. We will partner with you to lead your child towards baptism (we welcome adults to be baptized too!).

Purity / "True Love Waits" – Partnering with you to have intentional conversations with your child about the importance of accountability, identity in Christ and healthy relationships. We offer a four week class for our 7th - 9th grade students about the biblical standards for sex, sexuality and purity. 

Defending Your Faith – It is important that we team up together in order to empower them to stand up for their faith. This class offered for 10th & 11th grade students teaches the "what's" and the "why's" about their faith they need to know.

Graduation – Parents must help their students develop the practical and spiritual skills necessary to leave home. We want to celebrate with you not only a significant life milestone for your student but also an important spiritual milestone in your family life. 

Download a copy of the Seven Spiritual Milestones

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