5th – 6th grade kids are beginning to commit to making their faith their own and together with their parents are experiencing some of the tangible expressions of faith within the church. We encourage you, if you have not already, to be intentional about talking to your kids about Baptism and Communion. 

Mobile Devices
  • Parent Cue App - The Parent Cue App is designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future.
  • RightNow Media - Gateway has access to an extensive, new video library called RightNow Media!This site has videos for everyone—kids, youth, parents, married couples, college students, single adults, working professionals—all aimed at helping you grow.
  • Parent Cue Website – Parent Cue will remind you why what you do is so important. To help you focus on what matters most.
Books for Parents 
Books for Your Preteen
Core truths we want our 5th - 6th grade students to learn:
  • I am taking ownership of my faith journey with Jesus
  • I love God by loving others
  • God created me for a purpose

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