Your Decision to Marry is a Commitment

Marriage in the church is a life-long commitment made between a man and a woman, who are seeking the blessing of the Church and the assistance of God in keeping the covenant that is being made. It is a witness to all that you, as a couple, believe God is an integral part of the wedding covenant and intentions to rely on God to guide your lives.

Since marriage is one of the greatest commitments you will ever make, we want to do everything we can to make, not only your wedding, but also your marriage, God-honoring, happy and successful.

Your Wedding

It is our goal here at Gateway to offer our regular attenders and members a wedding that is Christ-honoring. We are committed to working with each couple to see that their wedding ceremony is both worshipful and meaningful.

I would like to have my wedding at Gateway

request a Gateway Pastor for offsite wedding.
Please email one of our pastors to check their availability and to schedule premarital counseling

If you're a member or regular attender that is not having their wedding at Gateway or officiated by a Gateway pastor, but you are seeking premarital coaching (counseling), please email   for available options.