Our group was talking about what to do for All-Out Serve and as one suggestion; I mentioned I had an elderly neighbor who had recently been widowed and maybe we could do something for her.  I knew she and her husband had moved in sometime last year, but had never made the effort to walk across the street to meet them.  One day my husband and I saw the EMT’s at their home and after that we did not see her husband around anymore. 

I decided if I was going to ask her if our Group could do anything for her, I needed to step out of my comfort zone and go talk with her.  I went over to her home, introduced myself and then proceeded to tell her about my Life Group and All-Out Serve Sunday.  She was in disbelief that strangers wanted to help someone they didn’t know. We came up with a game plan to weed her outside flower beds, mulch and plant flowers with the cost and labor being covered by our group.  Come to find out, her husband had been sick which was the reason for their move from Galveston to Clear Lake and she was now alone.  She went on to talk about how she once prided herself and enjoyed tending to all of her flowers while she lived in Galveston and really missed having that beauty around her.   Every now and then she would  stop and say to me, “You don’t know me and your group would do something like this for me?  I don’t really know what to say”.    

Well yesterday for All-Out Serve, our group weeded, mulched and was able to plant flowers in her front and back yard and spruce up a few more things.  I know that my neighbor was so blessed, but the true blessing came to each person who gave of their time, talents and served!