Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries of Gateway. Through online giving, not only can you skip bringing a checkbook to church, you'll help us maintain ministries for your family during all seasons of the year. It's safe, secure, simple and free! We truly believe that giving is an act of worship and is one way to show our gratitude and obedience to our God who provides us with everything. 

Automate the Important - set up recurring donations:

- Use your financial institution's Bill Pay feature (we love this option, because all of your gift goes to support ministry - we incur no bank processing fees), or

- Set up and use our "mygateway" account feature.

Using these online methods gives you more flexibility to choose the date your donation is processed

Automate the Important at  "mygateway"

Ready to take the 90-Day Tithing Challenge?

One more way to help - Gateway is an Amazon affiliateThat means that if you purchase anything at all through Amazon using this link, Amazon donates a portion to Gateway at no additional cost to you!  

Read on to learn answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my contributions be reflected on my quarterly giving statements?

A: Yes! And as an added bonus, when you create a login to InFellowship, you have access to your giving record 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Q: What if I change banks?

A: When you use your financial institution's Bill Pay feature, you may cancel or change your donation instructions at any time. You control what and when it is sent. 

Q: How do I get help if I have questions or need help?

A: If you need assistance with Bill Pay - contact your financial institution.
For assistance with the InFellowship Giving Feature or about your giving statement, email  or call 281-286-1515.

Q: May I use a Bank card for online giving?

A:  When you give online using InFellowship Giving, you may use an eCheck or a Bank Card (Visa or Mastercard). Please note: the processing fees we pay are less when you give with an eCheck (we are able to use 99.7% of your donation for ministry!) Gateway pays higher processing fees with the Bank Card option - 97.49% gets used for ministry while 2.51% is spent on fees. Also please note that we only recommend donating by credit card to those individuals who are prepared to pay off their credit card balance in full at the end of each month. We encourage you to manage your finances in a way that does not incur debt. For help getting out of debt, please read more about Financial Peace University. 

Q: May I try this just once.

A: Yes. Donate as "one-time" instead of a recurring payment to try it out.

Q: When is my donation charged to my account?

A: With the InFellowship Giving feature and with your Financial Institution's Bill Pay, you select the date that money is charged to your account.

Q: Do I pay any additional fees to give online?

A: No, you are not charged any fees for online giving, however donating through the InFellowship Giving feature will incur transaction fees passed on to Gateway (see above question regarding paying online with a Bank Card).

Q: I want to Automate the Important. How do I get started? 

A: Contact your Financial Institution to find out how to use their Bill Pay feature to set up automated giving, or login to or create a new "mygateway" account.

For any questions, concerns or comments about the online giving system, please contact our finance office at or call 281-286-1515. You will receive a response from our financial office as soon as possible.