Heaven on Earth - Churchwide Series Jan 2020

Posted by Josh Mouser on

What would it take to make Heaven a reality on earth?  Heaven on Earth will cover chapters 5-7 in the book of Matthew, which is commonly referred to as the Sermon on the Mount.  This Sermon tells us that those who claim to follow Jesus are to take on a new perspective and...

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Stories from Space Weekend

Posted by Gateway Community on

Thank you host families and Gateway family for your warm reception of these special guests! Here's an excerpt from one of the organizers of this event about last week's Space Weekend: .Having “inspected” the 747 and the shuttle from the inside, we gathered outside the fence to...

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Christian Outreach Alliance

Posted by Gateway Community on

The Christian Outreach Alliance was formed in the fall of 2004 when members of several Clear Lake churches came together to form a partnership of ministry to serve the Clear Lake Community. Current members are Clear Lake United Methodist, Clear Lake Church of Christ, Clear Lake Baptist, Clear...

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25 Forward Field Update

Posted by Gateway Community on

Learn the latest news about using our land to reach out with the love of Christ to serve the needs of our community with sports fields.

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Serve our world - Harvey recovery continues through 4B and Eight Days of Hope

Posted by Randy Hageman on

Eight Days of Hope (EDOH) returns to Houston October 13 - 20th.

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How to Prayer-Walk

Posted by Tom Louis on

Prayer walking is a faith venture of bringing our burdens, cares and visions before God concerning a particular location, group of people, activity, etc. We never know what God just may do in answers to our prayers!

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Homelessness-Common Misconceptions

Posted by Brandon Deitz on

What are some common misconceptions about homelessness?

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