Celebrating Advent

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What is Advent, and why celebrate it?

Advent means “coming” or “arrival.” During the four weeks before Christmas (beginning the last Sunday in November), Christians celebrate and look forward to both the first and second coming of Jesus. Celebrating the coming of Jesus guides us on our spiritual journeys during the Christmas season. This December we'll be looking at the basics of the Christmas story in a fresh new way. As we set aside time to remember and give thanks for God’s gift of salvation through Christ, we remember how we are to live in the light of this reality, and prepare our hearts for Christmas morning.

I know that it can be difficult during this hectic time of the year to find the time to prepare our hearts. One of my favorite scriptures is “Be still and know that I am God.” Often this verse is seen as an invitation to quiet meditation, and that’s okay. But “Be still” is better translated “Stop!” So the real invitation is for you to take this command to heart – to stop whatever you are doing and enter the presence of God. Join us as we take this journey of preparation by celebrating Advent.

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Celebrating Advent as a Family

Christmas morning with your family


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