Christmas Eve Services

Posted by Randy Hageman on

The holiday season is approaching fast, but your Gateway Staff have been busy planning for our Christmas Eve Services!

We know that your friends and co-workers are more likely to respond to an invitation to attend church on Christmas Eve, so we're preparing our services with this in mind.

The purpose of offering our services on Christmas Eve is so that we can remember the Good News about what Jesus offers and so that we can share that Good News with others. Our goals for the evening are:

  • To inspire confidence, motivate and resource YOU to invite your non-churched family members and friends to join you at one of our Christmas Eve services.
  • To share the Good News clearly and creatively in every possible setting.
  • To provide an awe-inspiring environment of radical hospitality from our parking lot to our common spaces to each person’s seat.
  • To create an experience that will encourage our new guests to return. 

In looking at our past Christmas Eve attendance numbers, we have determined that our auditorium can accommodate everyone plus brand-new guests if we move from three early evening services to two. 

We hope this shift will bring additional energy and excitement to each service. It will also help us streamline and be responsible with our resources (volunteers, facilities, staff, etc.). We hope it will also allow you to choose to be a part of what makes Christmas at Gateway so special: serve to help create that experience that will encourage our new guests to return!

We've chosen 3PM and 5PM service times to accommodate what we believe fit best with families' schedules. We will also offer a Bilingual Candlelight Service on Sunday, Dec. 22 at 2PM, and a Communion Candlelight Devotional Service on Christmas Eve at 11PM

We wanted to get the word out to you early about the service time changes to allow you to make plans with your family and friends. You will begin seeing this information in community invites, Sunday morning announcements and invites to join a Christmas Eve serving team, but we want you to know in advance the reasons for these changes.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to let us know. YOU are an important part of sharing the Good News to our community, and we hope you are making plans now to join us and offer your efforts toward making this year's Christmas at Gateway the most impactful ever!

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