Flawed But Chosen - Churchwide Series - 2021

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Examining the lives of six biblical characters
Who fall within the lineage of Jesus.

We'll study how each of these people had flaws in their lives,
yet God was able to use them to accomplish His purposes on earth. 

Although we are not written about in the Bible,

God is able to choose us, despite our flaws,
to accomplish His work in the world. 

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what to expect during this series:
  • Read God’s Word daily
  • Experience community through groups
  • Study each person through sermons, videos & devotionals
How is this series any different from our other Sermon Series?

The biggest difference is that small groups will meet together (in-person or online) throughout this series to fellowship and dig deeper into the topic.  We’ll have our Sunday sermons, you’ll read daily devotionals, watch video content by our own Pastor Randy Hageman on YouTube or RightNow Media, and meet together in groups to discuss video, sermon and devotional content.  

Did you know that flawed but chosen  will be one of our largest small groups’ opportunities of the year?

If you've ever wondered or prayed about joining a small group, now is the time!  We start the year off strong by encouraging our entire congregation to jump on-board with Flawed But Chosen and join or host a small group.  Gateway will have plenty of groups to choose from.  Or better yet, get some of your good friends together to host a small group of your own!   

How will COVID-19 impact how we meet in small groups?

With all of the uncertainty caused by the virus and our constantly changing environment, we cannot predict how things will be in early 2021.  But we do have training available for host/leaders to give them confidence to start an online group for this series.  Instead of only meeting in-person at houses or other locations, many groups will be meeting online through various online meeting platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


Dec 13 – Jan 31   
Sign-up to Host a Group
Host Orientations will be offered online 

Jan 10
Journals available

Jan 17 – Jan 31 
Join a Group

Week of Jan 31
All groups begin meeting


What materials will I need?

Gateway will offer the Flawed but Chosen Journal Sundays in January for $7 each.  This journal will be used to:

  • Read & answer questions on the Daily Devotionals
  • Take Sermon & Video Notes
  • Go over Group Discussion Questions

If you are Hosting/Leading a Group, you will also need the FREE Host/Leader Guide for Flawed But Chosen (located at Next Steps in the lobby, or by email from Josh Mouser). This guide will contain everything you need to host/lead a Group.  The Host/Leader Guide includes the group discussion questions, info on how to locate and stream the videos, tips for hosting successful online meetings, helpful hints for hosts and other FAQs. 

What will a typical week look like?
  • Attend or view a Sunday morning Gateway service to hear the sermon 
  • Read the Daily Devotionals from the Flawed But Chosen Journal
  • Meet with your small group online or live to watch videos, discuss content and enjoy community!
What does a typical group meeting look like?
  1. Hang out (15 min)
  2. Watch the video (15 min)
  3. Discuss (15-30 min)
  4. Pray (5 min)

- Topics for each week of the series:

Jan 31 - Week 1: Abraham

Feb 7 - Week 2: Rahab / Bathsheba

Feb 14 - Week 3: Ruth & Boaz

Feb 21 - Week 4: Jehoshaphat

Feb 28 - Week 5: Hezekiah

Mar 7 - Week 6: Josiah



Let's worship God, study His Word, love our neighbors and share our stories.

Let's become more like Jesus!