Forever Home - Church-wide Study begins Jan 30 2022

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Forever Home

Jan 30 - Mar 6

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 In the book of John, Jesus promised his followers that if they loved him and kept his word, that the Father would love them, would come to them, and make their home with them [Jesus and God at home with them!]. Jesus also told his followers that he would soon leave them and would go to prepare a place for them.

He was promising that just as he was going to heaven to prepare a place for us [His followers] and would one day welcome us there, so it would be possible for us to prepare a place for him in our hearts today.

So, what does it look like to create a space for Christ in our heart to live? And what is your current reality? Is Jesus really at home in your heart, or more like an unannounced house guest that makes you hide your unmentionables? What things in your heart need some rearranging, refreshing, jettisoning? Is it time for a remodel, or a full-on tear-down of your heart spaces?

Join us during this teaching series on Sundays and in small groups, where, using the imagery of a home and its rooms, we’ll discover what it's like to transform our hearts into a Forever Home with Jesus.

what to expect during this series:
  • Experience community through groups
  • Weekly booklet reading with video viewing & discussion in group
  • Examine our own heart spaces to make room for a home with Jesus!
How is this series any different from our other Sermon Series?

The biggest difference is that small groups will meet together (in-person or online) throughout this series to fellowship and dig deeper into the topic.  We’ll have our Sunday sermons, watch video content  on YouTube or RightNow Media, and meet together in groups to discuss video, sermon and group questions.  

Did you know that forever home  will be one of our largest small group opportunities of the year?

If you've ever wondered or prayed about joining a small group, now is the time!  We start the year off strong by encouraging our entire congregation to jump on-board with Forever Home and join or host a small group.  Gateway will have plenty of groups to choose from.  Or better yet, get some of your good friends together to host a small group of your own!   


What materials will I need?

Gateway will offer the booklet, My Heart-Christ's Home, by Robert Boyd Munger at no cost on Sunday mornings,
and group discussion questions will be available online, via app, website (with copies also available for those unable to access online).

If you are Hosting/Leading a Group, you will need the FREE Host/Leader Guide for Forever Home (located at Next Steps in the lobby, or by email from Josh Mouser). This guide will contain everything you need to host/lead a Group.  The Host/Leader Guide includes the group discussion questions, info on how to locate and stream the videos, tips for hosting successful online meetings, helpful hints for hosts and other FAQs. 

What will a typical week look like?
  • Attend or view a Sunday morning Gateway service to hear the sermon 
  • Meet with your small group online or live to watch videos, discuss content and enjoy community!
What does a typical group meeting look like?
  1. Hang out (15 min)
  2. Watch the video (5 min)
  3. Discuss (15-30 min)
  4. Pray (5 min)

- Topics for each week of the series:

  • Jan 30 - The Study

  • Feb 6 - The Dining Room

  • Feb 13 - The Living Room

  • Feb 20 - The Recreation Room

  • Feb 27 - The Bedroom

  • Mar 6- The Hall Closet



Let's invest in our Forever Home so that we can become more like Jesus!





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