Heaven on Earth - Churchwide Series Jan 2020

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What would it take to make Heaven a reality on earth? 

Heaven on Earth will cover chapters 5-7 in the book of Matthew, which is commonly referred to as the Sermon on the Mount

This Sermon tells us that those who claim to follow Jesus are to take on a new perspective and attitude and live a radically different life than they did before becoming his followers. The Sermon on the Mount is about believers making God’s kingdom a reality on earth.

Join a Group today! 

what to expect during this series:
  • Read God’s Word daily
  • Experience community through groups
  • Study the Sermon on the Mount through sermons & devotionals
How is this series any different from our other Sermon Series?

The biggest difference is that small groups will meet together throughout this series to fellowship and dig deeper into the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).  We’ll have our Sunday sermons, you’ll read daily devotionals, watch video content by our own Pastor Randy Hageman on YouTube or RightNow Media, and meet together in groups to discuss video, sermon and devotional content.  

Did you know that Heaven on Earth will be one of our largest small groups’ opportunities of the year?

If you've ever wondered or prayed about joining a small group, now is the time!  We start the year off strong by encouraging our entire congregation to jump on-board with Heaven on Earth and join or host a small group.  Gateway will have plenty of groups to choose from.  Or better yet, get some of your good friends together to host a small group of you own!   


What materials will I need?

Gateway will offer the Heaven on Earth Journal starting Sunday Jan 5 for $5 each.  The Heaven on Earth Journal will be used to:

  • Read & reflect on the Daily Devotionals
  • Take Sermon & Video Notes
  • Read the Bible Passages & Memory Verses 

If you are Hosting/Leading a Group, you will also need the FREE Host/Leader Guide for Heaven on Earth (located at Next Steps in the lobby). This guide will contain everything you need to host/lead a Group!  The Host/Leader Guide includes the group discussion questions, info on how to locate and stream the Heaven on Earth videos, helpful hints for hosts and other FAQs.  

RightNow Media Instructions

YouTube Instructions

What will a typical week look like?
  • Attend a Sunday morning Gateway service to hear the sermon 
  • Read the Daily Devotionals from the Heaven on Earth Journal
  • Meet with your small group to watch videos, discuss content and enjoy community!
What does a typical group meeting look like?
  1. Hang out (15 min)
  2. Watch the video (15 min)
  3. Discuss (15-30 min)
  4. Pray (5 min)

- Topics for each week of the series:

Jan 19 - Intro to the Sermon on the Mount

Jan 26 - Week 1: Matt. 5:1-16

Feb 2 - Week 2: Matt. 5:17-48

Feb 9 - Week 3: Matt. 6:1-18

Feb 16 - Week 4: Matt. 6:19-34

Feb 23 - Week 5: Matt. 7:1-23

Mar 1 - Week 6: Matt. 7:24-29

Mar 8 - Heaven on Earth Celebration


Let's worship God, study His Word, love our neighbors and share our stories.

Let's become more like Jesus!