Helping your child through troubled times

Posted by Terri Kent on

1. Tell them that you will keep them safe. Then tell them again.

2. Limit exposure to images and videos of those in distress. Don't leave the TV going all the time.

3. Remain calm. Children will take their cue from how you are handling this. This is a good time to teach and model strength and resilience.

4. Listen to their concerns. If they express fear or anxiety or even anger, acknowledge their feelings and tell them you understand they are overwhelmed. Slow down, breathe slowly TOGETHER. Tell them, "I know you can handle this."

Children just need to feel safe right now. Details and logistics can all be worked out later.


Love to all. Hug your kids.

Take a look at our Parent Pathway for age-specific resources to help you lead your child to become more and more like Jesus!

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