Life Group Roadmap

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Church-Wide Study


This study is our biggest small group opportunity of the entire year!  Along with our Sunday sermons, individually read daily devotionals, watch video content by Pastor Randy Hageman on YouTube or RightNow Media, and meet together in groups to discuss video, sermon and devotional content.  

We encourage our Life Groups to join in with this study for the 5 - 6 weeks during the series. It’s a great opportunity for Life Groups who have taken a break during the end-of-the-year holidays to resume meeting.  This is also a great time to consider inviting others into your group as we greatly encourage those not in a group to join one at the start of the year.

Start a Spring Study 

Once the church-wide study ends, it's a good idea for Life Groups to take a few weeks off and choose a new study to begin sometime around Easter.  Life Groups should choose a study that is appropriate for their group (i.e., young couples could do a marriage study) and meet until around the end of the school year. In our community, life seems to get very busy around the end of May.  It’s good to consider taking a break after the Spring study before deciding what your Life Group should do throughout the Summer months.  

Social Gathering & Service Projects 


Summer is a period of time where varying schedules make it harder for Life Groups to meet consistently.  But Summer can be an awesome time to strengthen relationships with your fellow Life Group members by hanging out and serving with one another.  Ask the people in your Life Group who like planning events to organize an opportunity for the group to serve the community and plan a social outing like a meal out, a day trip or a backyard barbeque.  Please know you’re not limited to just hanging out in the Summer, you can also do a Summer study if your prefer. 

Start a Fall Study 

Once Summer ends and the school year begins, schedules become more structured and it’s a great time to begin a Fall study right after Labor Day.  Life Groups should choose a study that is appropriate for their group and sometimes Gateway will do a short sermon series in the Fall that has groups curriculum to go along with the series.    

For the Fall season, we suggest you end meeting as a group right around Thanksgiving..  You may be able to do a long study for the Fall or even two shorter studies with a quick break in between the two.  

Holiday Life Group Party 


The Holiday Season can be busy with Christmas shopping, seeing family, traveling and social functions.  It can be beneficial to take a break from regular meetings until Gateway begins the church-wide study in the new year. We suggest you treat this season like the Summertime; do a service project together and also have a Holiday Life Group Party.  Christmas is a great time to celebrate and reflect on the year that was, while hanging out with your Life Group members. 

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