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Doctors Les and Leslie Parrott write,

"Hope keeps love alive. Stop hoping and marriage dies. As long as we imagine a better marriage and keep believing we will one day enjoy it, the battle against bad things can still be won. Hope lets us see that our world just might be set straight on its hinges once more." 

Our Marriage Ministry is a collection of five different resources:

  • Marriage Coaching helps struggling couples learn to understand one another, and see what God desires for their marriage. Karen and I meet with couples to hear their story and then point them in the direction where they can receive the best possible help, encouragement and hope.
  • Marriage Seminars/Small Groups/National Conferences  Seminars and some of our small groups (Gateway's Seasonal Groups) focus on marriage and are offered throughout the year. They offer practical tips, advice and skills you can use to grow your marriage or help you navigate through the difficult times. National Marriage Conferences (A Weekend to Remember) are offered several times a year here in the Houston area.
  • Pre-Marital Mentoring  is designed for engaged couples to gain greater insight into a Christ-centered marriage.This opportunity will prepare them for the journey that are about to embark on with one another. Currently this is only being offered to those who regularly attend and call Gateway their church home.
  • Referrals to Professional Marriage Counseling/Therapy – If you realize that your marriage is in need of professional marriage counseling, please contact Pastor Robert Sherrill  or Pastor Tom Louis  for referrals. You may also wish to read more about Celebrate Recovery which meets Monday nights at Gateway.

It's our goal to be a place that's known within our community where marriage - as God designed it - is lifted up as a value, and where couples can receive healing, encouragement and support.

Marriage Ministry is all about providing timely support, encouragement and resources.


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