Prayer and Children

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How can you provide and pass along spiritual strength to a young person? Whether it's your child, a grandchild, a niece, a nephew or a young friend, we all need prayer! These resources provide ways you can pray, and ways you can teach prayer (yes, you can be a teacher). Read on, and maybe you'll learn something that will change someone's life.

Praying with Your Kids (Back-to-School Prayers for you & your family)

Five Finger Prayer

The Lord's Prayer Explained

For This Child I have Prayed

Here is a collection of prayers suitable for children to say, either at home with their parents, or for use in school or church. Print them, cut out the individual prayers and place them in a container. Your child can pull out a prayer each morning, noon and night to say, "Thank You God for all you do!"

Take a look at our Parent Pathway for age-specific resources to help you lead your child to become more and more like Jesus!

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