Stories from Space Weekend

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Thank you host families and Gateway family for your warm reception of these special guests!

Here's an excerpt from one of the organizers of this event about last week's Space Weekend:

.Having “inspected” the 747 and the shuttle from the inside, we gathered outside the fence to take a group picture.  We then said good-bye to the Johnson Space Center and headed for Gateway Community Church. 

At the church, the scholars and their families met their hosts. After dinner, Bible stories and fun games had been arranged for the children.  The adults were treated to a talk by an astronaut training specialist who also shared his testimony.  

Then it was time for what almost every international student reports as their highlight of the weekend: overnight with the host family.  On Sunday, they had breakfast and drove back to church with their hosts.

This weekend we had a very special treat.  The afternoon started out with lunch in front of the church (chili, hot dogs, salad and desserts).  This became a opportunity for the host/guest to continue to spend time together.  A nearby airfield held their annual airshow which featured WW2 fighters and bombers flying in formation.  The show was closed out by a demonstration by the Air Force Thunderbirds.   

During the day there were beautiful cumulus clouds floating across a brilliant blue sky.  One of the things that amaze our Asian friends is how blue the sky is. It doesn’t get any bluer than what we saw on Sunday!  On the way home we were treated to a great cloud formation. On this day, God’s creation was clearly speaking of God’s glory.  (Romans 1:18-20). 

Thank you for praying for these students before, during and now after the weekend!

-Dennis Rigstad

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