Teaching Our Children about Tithes and Offerings

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For God Loves a cheerful Giver. 2 Cor. 9:7 (NIRV)

We recognize that everything we have came from God. The Bible teaches us that we can give God our best by giving Him our Tithe – one tenth of the money we earn or receive- with a cheerful attitude (2 Corinthians 9:7). God also asked us to give beyond our tithe, which we call an “offering”, to help those in need.

We want to encourage our children to give a tithe and offering because it’s an important part of obeying God, no matter how little our tithe actually is. It’s much easier to build this habit at an early age, than try to squeeze it in as an adult.

At Gateway in our Early Childhood, Kid’s Town 2&4
We are teaching our children about Tithes and Offerings.

At the end of the service each week our children have the opportunity to place their offering in the baskets that are passed around in their group.
We tell them, thank you. We tell them….because God gives us everything we have, this is our way to give back and tell Him thank you for all those things. We say that the gift of money they give goes to the church helps to tell others about Jesus. It is a time for them to give a little bit back to God and tell Him “Thank You” for everything He gives them. 

Getting children to bring money to church is not the same as teaching them to give. The goal is not to bring in money; the goal is to teach children to be givers. We do not want to make a child feel uncomfortable for not bringing an offering; we want them to feel led to bring an offering.
To share what they have with others. 

Another way to give is through “Missions”. We will have several mission projects this year that the children will be invited to help support. 

Take a look at our Parent Pathway for age-specific resources to help you lead your child to become more and more like Jesus!

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