The God I Never Knew - Churchwide Series Jan 2019

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Do you ever wonder, how can an ordinary person like me, become more like Jesus? 

The Book of Acts tells us how the Holy Spirit transformed the lives of thousands of believers in the early days of the church.  Ordinary people were empowered by the Holy Spirit and did extraordinary things through His power.  And the good news is, the Holy Spirit is still able to work through us today. 

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what to expect during this series:
  • Read God’s Word on a daily basis
  • Experience community through groups
  • Study the book of Acts & strive for a Spirit-filled life
How is this series any different from our other Sermon Series?

The biggest difference is that small groups will meet together throughout this series to fellowship and dig deeper into the first 8 chapters of Acts.  We’ll have our Sunday sermons, you’ll read daily devotionals, watch video content by our own Pastor Randy Hageman on RightNow Media, and meet together in groups to discuss video, sermon and devotional content. 

The God I Never Knew will be one of our largest small groups’ opportunities of the year.

If you've ever wondered or prayed about joining a small group, now is the time!  We start the year off strong by encouraging our entire congregation to jump on-board with The God I Never Knew and join or host a small group.  Gateway will have plenty of groups to choose from.  Or better yet, get some of your good friends together to host a small group of your own!  


Nov. 25 – Jan. 20  - Sign-up to Host a Group

Host Orientations:
Jan 13 @ 11am or
Jan 20 @ 9:30am

Jan. 13 – Jan. 27 - Join a Group

Week of Jan 27 - All groups begin meeting

March 10 All-Out Serve

What materials will I need?

Gateway will offer The God I Never Knew Journal on Sundays Jan. 6 – 27 for $5 each.  The Journal includes daily devotionals, group discussion questions, and other informative content.  In addition, hosts and leaders will need a RightNow Media account (offered at no charge through Gateway) to watch The God I Never Knew small group videos by Pastor Randy Hageman. 

Get your free RightNow Media account at rightnowmedia.org/Account/Invite/Gateway.

 How do I find The God I Never Knew videos on RightNow Media?

Go to the Gateway Community Church page within RightNow Media.  It will be under the Libraries section, which is located on the left side of the menu in RightNow Media.  You will find each weekly small group video under The God I Never Knew section.  Click the appropriate and watch it.  Alternatively, you can use the search bar and search for The God I Never Knew.

What will a typical week look like?

Each week you'll be asked to:

  • Attend a Sunday morning Gateway service to hear the sermon 
  • Read the Daily Devotionals from The God I Never Knew Journal
  • Meet with your small group to watch the videos and discuss the content
What does a typical group meeting look like?

Each group meeting should last about 60-90 minutes. You will:

  • Start with fellowship (add some coffee / water / finger foods!)
  • Check in with the group
  • Watch the videos
  • Facilitate discussion questions
  • End with prayer

WEEKEND SERVICE DATES – Topics for each week of the series:

Jan 20 – Intro to Acts & Acts 1

Jan 27 – Acts 2:1-41

Feb 3  Acts 3-4:22

Feb 10 – Acts 2:42-47 & 4:23-5:11

Feb 17 – Acts 5:12-42

Feb 24 – Acts 6-8:3

Mar 3 – Acts 8:4-40

Mar 10 - All-Out Serve 

Let's act out our faith as we worship God, study His Word, love our neighbors, and share our stories. 


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